Great Dunmow Foakes Hall


The E.T. Foakes Memorial Hall was so named because it was built with money bequeathed (£5,000.00) by Miss Alice Foakes in memory of her brother Edward Thomas Foakes. Edward Foakes was the son of a local farmer Mr C.L. Foakes, and when their parents died he and his sister came to live in Westbury House, which is opposite the site later to be chosen for the building of the Hall.

The Hall is registered as a Charity with the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales and Great Dunmow Town Council as a body is the Trustee.

The Main Hall was opened on 12th September 1934, The Talberd Room, kitchen and bar areas were opened on 31st May 1969 and the Culf Suite opened in May 1995.

Foakes House

No. 47 Stortford Road was part of the bequest of Miss Foakes to be used for the Caretaker of the Hall. In 1982/83 Foakes House was renovated to as we see it now.